Here's what devoted GeorgiaClips readers say about the new way to get the full story in Georgia:

At Your Fingertips

"I don't think you can run a successful business, without staying abreast. There ís too much to be lost by being out of touch. Most of us have neither the time nor the inclination to obtain the widest coverage of events. The staff at GeorgiaClips not only have the time, it's their job. It's like having a local version of USA Today at your fingertips."

-- Vally M. Sharpe, Duluth

More Up To Date

"I thoroughly enjoy the GeorgiaClips. I now feel like I am more up to date on the news of our state and really only need about 10 minutes to get the flavor of what is happening each morning. It gives me the opportunity to feel informed on what is happening around the state while only spending minutes rather than hours looking through newspapers."

-- Dennis McEntire, Newnan Utilities

Advanced the Art

"With GeorgiaClips, you've got a splendid thing going. GeorgiaClips is the most effective way of scanning the news for current and emerging issues. Congratulations."

-- Author Terry Kay

Most Effective Way

"GeorgiaClips is the most effective way of scanning the news for current and
emerging issues."

-- Paul DeLoach, Albany

Don't Know How You Do It

"GeorgiaClips is the best thing since newspaper home delivery for a "news
junkie" like me. I don't know how in the world you do it, but you've sure
got a winner here."

-- Blackshear Publisher Robert M. Williams, Jr.

Time saver

"Talk about a time saver! I used to spend a half hour a day just surfing the
Web sites I knew about. Georgia Clips gives me the whole statewide picture
--- business news, politics, local news, editorials --- in the time it
takes to read a page."

-- Richard Warner, president, What's Up Interactive



Easy to use

"Simplicity, ease of use, best describes GeorgiaClips. I can peruse the
headlines, then I can choose the articles that I want to read."

-- Faye Hill, Lawrenceville.

Demonstrates professionalism

"GeorgiaClips demonstrates professionalism in key respects: its selection of material, the crispness of its summaries and the ease of use of its graphics. I found Georgiaclips to be a helpful and convenient resource as part of my studies of Southern politics and culture."

-- Geitner Simmons, editorial writer, Omaha World-Herald.

Enhanced awareness

"GeorgiaClips has enhanced our current awareness services to attorneys by providing an easy-to-scan daily digest of state news. It has been particularly helpful in reviewing news from outside the Atlanta area."

-- Cindy Adams (McKenna, Long & Aldridge.)

Better informed

"Since I started receiving the Georgia Clips, I feel much better informed about what is happening in Atlanta and, most importantly, in the state. This service is a time saver and an eye opener, too."

---Gustavo Machado, Jackson Spalding PR.


More information

If you need help or have any questions about GeorgiaClips, please send an e-mail to Elliott Brack. As an alternative, you can phone GeorgiaClips at: 770.840.1003.

Thanks again. We look forward to making it easier for you to use the news you need.


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