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Individual subscriptions cost $40 per month at the annual rate. But if you want to make GeorgiaClips even more affordable and available to several employees, you might want to consider one of our business/'institutional subscription levels.

A business/institutional license to the GeorgiaClips news service allows several people at your business to keep up-to-date at a lower per-unit cost. The chart below outlines how much GeorgiaClips costs based on the number of business users for whom you subscribe. For example, if you want 50 people to subscribe, you'd want a Division-level subscription and that makes individual subscriptions only $5 a month.

The following chart also highlights monthly, quarterly and annual subscription rates:

of users
(two months for free!)
annual savings*
per user per month
(annual rate)
a $96 savings
Small business
2 - 5
a $192 savings
6 - 20
a $360 savings
21 - 50
a $600 savings
51 - 100
a $960 savings
101 +
Call for pricing!

* By looking at the annualized monthly average, you'll see how much you wave every month by paying your subscription once a year. NOTE: Paying annually is the same as getting two months for free!

If you're interested in subscribing to GeorgiaClips, please send an e-mail to Elliott Brack. As an alternative, you can phone GeorgiaClips at: 770.840.1003.

Thanks. Let us know if you have any suggestions.


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